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About Us

Our vision is to work directly with cacao farmers to improve their lives and the life of our planet through Chocolate. Our mission is to provide you with a product that is completely sustainable, truly organic, ethically sourced and directly traceable from the land, whilst also educating about why craft chocolate is the right choice.

It all started with my passion for people and the environment.

Hi! I’m Amanda, the founder of Balanté Chocolate. Like most people, my passion for chocolate started before I could even say the word. Most importantly though my passion for people, sustainable products and environments, respecting heritage and culture, and every aspect of the planet all working together has been my life focus. Making chocolate is a bi-product of the amazing story I am about to tell. The fine flavoured craft chocolate you taste will prove to you how much I care about end results!

In 2020 we ventured into the mayan mountains of Belize to learn about and experience for ourselves the place  where chocolate originated. We met and became great friends with the indigenous maya people of the village of San Pedro Columbia in Toledo, Belize. The rainforest canopy in Southern Belize at Eladios Sustainable Jungle Farm is so lush! It is teeming with exotic plants and trees, with banana bunches hanging from the sky ready to be picked. There are endless acres of every fruit tree you could imagine, with a path that leads you through tropical bliss. You are surrounded by exotic wildlife, meandering creeks fed from freshwater springs, powerful rivers, and many sacred ruins hidden in the jungle.

The indigenous mayans have been living here since 1,500 BC. When you enter their land you can still find the women cooking traditional food on their comal (fire) and naked children laughing and running around. When we first arrived Eladio Pop and his family welcomed us and gave us the true Mayan Chocolate tour and traditional lunch. He walked us through the jungle and showed us how the cacao tree grows and explained all about the stages of growth, the season when they produce cacao, and introduced us to the fruit itself.

The Cacao fruit looks like a football shape and has a thick outer shell. It is easy enough the open the pod with a machete, or by simply cracking it on a tree to spilt it open. Inside the pod are beans surrounded by a juicy layer of sweet fruity flesh with a combination of honey, pineapple and guava tastes. It is a flavour that makes you want more. Like the locals I love to suck on the beans and eat the delicious flesh right off the raw beans. The juice from the flesh is also collected to either drink fresh or turn it into a potent beverage similar to wine. The outer shell of the pods are naturally composted among the roots of the trees which adds minerals right back into the soil. Maybe that’s part of the secret of why these trees produce so many beautiful pods.

I had always had the dream and vision to create a truly natural organic chocolate company at some point in my life, and this meeting with Eladio and his family was the turning point – I was hooked and wanted to learn everything there was about the cacao tree and how it can become the delicious thing we call chocolate. Balanté Chocolate was born!

Our Products

Our chocolate is produced from 100% organic, ethically sourced, single-origin, sustainably farmed fine cacao

Our Process

We hand craft small batches of our fine cacao flavours from bean to bar. Learn more about the craft chocolate movement here.

Our Product

Deep in the tropical jungles of Southern Belize the indigenous Mayan families farm and harvest the finest organic cacao