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Craft Chocolate

Craft Chocolate


We receive organic cacao beans from our farmers in return for a living wage


We melange the nibs with cacao butter, organic sugar, and other ingredients in our processing machines for 48 hours


The fermented beans are roasted to perfection to release their single-origin flavours


We carefully temper the combined product to lock-in the unique flavours for the perfect result


We crack and winnow the roasted beans to unlock the cacao nibs at their core


The finished chocolate is poured into molds before wrapping ready for sale and for your enjoyment

Why Craft Chocolate?

Craft Chocolate has been around since the late 1990s. The phrase bean to bar was first coined by John Scharffenberger when he took control of the whole process from directly sourcing the beans through to the finished product and thus created the process of hand-made chocolate bars. Since then the bean to bar movement has become more and more recognized and today represents the mark of true quality.

As a small-batch craft chocolate maker we share many of the passions of other pioneers of this industry including the way we educate our consumers, create fine hand-crafted chocolate, and continue to support our farmers, the true stewards of the land. The craft chocolate adventure will take you on a world tour of different origins and regions where the cacao tree flourishes. Each region’s produce has its own unique taste and flavour profile. Like fine wines, taste profiles of single-origin chocolate can include fruity, nutty, earthy, hints of spice, creamy… the list goes on.

We work directly with our farmers to ensure the cacao trees and resulting beans are correctly nurtured and processed for flavour and consistency, sustainably farmed for the benefit of the land, and will result from a successful harvest every season.

Just like craft beer or boutique wine, each season’s varietals are unique. This is part of what makes craft chocolate a true food art and science. We love to pair our gourmet chocolate with wine, as well as other food groups and ingredients that complement the natural flavour profiles.

The process of making craft chocolate is very involved and hands-on. After harvesting, the beans are fermented and dried. We roast each batch for just the right amount of time to accentuate their natural flavour characteristics and remove any volatiles. The details of this stage are a closely guarded secret for every craft chocolatier and we are no exception – we pride ourselves on achieving amazing results through this and every stage of our process. After roasting we remove the outer shell through a process called winnowing. The beans are cracked before winnowing to make it easier to remove the husk. Winnowing is done to separate the nibs from the husk. The nibs are of course the core of every craft chocolate recipe we create. The next stage is refining and melanging. This works the nibs to create a cacao liquor by grinding to a very fine specific particle size. The sugar and certain other ingredients are added to the melanger at this stage and it takes anywhere from 24-72 hours to create our perfect chocolate. When the chocolate is ready we then expertly temper it and mold it into the beautiful bars you get to enjoy!

Our Product

Our chocolate is produced from 100% organic, ethically sourced, single-origin, sustainably farmed fine cacao.

Our Process

We hand craft small batches of our fine cacao flavours from bean to bar. Learn more about the craft chocolate movement here.

Our People

Deep in the tropical jungle of Southern Belize the indigenous Mayan families farm and harvest the finest organic cacao